Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Hamphsire Furniture Masters features portraits

Several of my portraits have been featured in the newsletter and home page of the New Hampshire Furniture Makers Association.

Jeffery Cooper is the featured craftsman in the August edition of the newsletter. I visited Jeff in his Portsmouth, NH, workshop and spent two sessions photographing him at work. Jeff's workshop had a large bank of factory windows on one side. I supplemented the natural light with two wireless strobes shooting through umbrellas.

David Lamb, a cabinet maker in Canterberry, NH, was appointed New Hampshire Artist Laureat. A portrait I took of him is featured on the Furniture Masters website. Evident in this photograph are the two large windows behind and on each side of David. I supplemented the window light with one strobe shooting through an umbrella at camera right.

Members of the New Hampshire Furniture Makers Association are full-time, professional craftsmen whose work reflects the highest degree of excellence in design and execution. Their studios may be found across New Hampshire as well as in Massachusetts, Vermont and New York.

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