Saturday, January 22, 2011

Image Selected by Southeastern Horticultural Society for Flower Show

One of my photographs was selected by the Southeastern Horticultural Society for its photography competition.  It will be on display at the Southeastern Flower Show in Atlanta..

The e-mail I received this morning stated, in part:  We are happy to inform you that one ... of your images has been selected for display at the Southeastern Flower Show in February, 2011. 750 images were uploaded as part of the competition from 108 photographers. From this number, only 106 images could be selected due to the space available to us for the photography display.

I am honored to be chosen as an exhibitor.

I submitted four images to be juried.  Here are the three submissions that didn't make the cut:

This is the image that was selected:


gardengeri said...

Congratulations! there are many more photos entered than can be exhibited at the Southeastern Flower Show. My personal favorite of your four is the first one. Good luck1

Margie said...

Jim: Congratulations! And, I'm sorry, but what is the orange thing in the photo?

James H. Dricker said...

Answer: That orange thing is a leaf under the ice.