Sunday, January 30, 2011

Learning from the Masters

I regularly follow the postings and blogs of Michael Reichmann, David Hobby, David duChemin, John Paul Caponigro, John Harrington, and several photo organizations.  I have also devoured the books of Alain Briot, Joe McNally, John Harrington, David duChemin, and Trey Ratcliff, among others, and have found the DVD's produced by Michael Reichmann, David Hobby, Vincent Versace, and John Paul Caponigro essential to my continuing education. I consider them all my "teachers" even though I've never met any of them in person.

Blogs, books, and an occasional set of DVD's are just about all my meager professional education budget can afford.  Forget about the thousand dollar workshop or the multi-day photo tour of the American Southwest.

So when two of my favorite "teachers" announce they're about to undertake a roadtrip together and teach a day-long workshop in city near me, I take notice.  And when the announced price for the workshop is under a hundred bucks, I get in line to sign up.

David Hobby and Joe McNally have teamed up to produce the Flash Bus Tour 2011. I plan to be there when these two undisputed experts on flash lighting come to Atlanta in April.  Check their website to see if they'll be within a couple of hours drive near you.  They're worth the time and the gas.

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