Saturday, May 28, 2011

Inspiration ... How to Find It and Keep It

PhotoShelter has released a free 12 page 2011 Inspiration Handbook

PhotoShelter is a producer of websites and marketing tools for photographers.  One of my own websites,, is powered by PhotoShelter.

The people at PhotoShelter also maintain a highly informative blog for their subscribers.  Their blog, their free and valuable handbooks, and their turnkey and almost idiot-proof web design make their product an incredible value for the annual fee I pay them.

But this post isn't really a plug for PhotoShelter.  Their 2011 Inspiration Handbook is a compilation of thoughts from eight professional photographers that's worth a few minutes of anyone's time.

This is what I take away from that document:
  • Be generous and giving
  • Be interested and concerned
  • Push the limits of your comfort zone, and go beyond them
  • Do personal projects
  • Make your own life your subject
  • Trust your instincts
  • Look at all types of art
  • Feed your soul
The most frequently mentioned source of inspiration in this handbook is the importance of personal projects. 

I guess it's time to get serious about this and start writing about my own personal projects.  More to come in future postings.

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