Friday, July 22, 2011

A Photographic State of Mind

Guy Tal recently posted on his blog an interview with nature photographer Marc Adamus.

Here are a few points that resonated with me, and the "sound bites" that expressed them.  I urge readers to click on the link and read the interview in its entirety.

1. It is crucial to be present with the subject.  It is saying something that it wants us to hear.

I have to be in a state of mind that allows me keep both my mind and eyes open and listen to what the landscape is saying. When I am able to really listen to the landscape my images tend to be the most unique and/or evocative renderings I make.

2. Tight planning can get in the way of opportunity.

The most important lesson that many of my students will learn from me is that spontaneity yields opportunities. It’s something I see a lot of folks struggle with, likely because other aspects of their lives are so structured. Those who plan out every aspect of their trips in advance, usually those staying at hotels the whole while, aren’t going to be able to react to the landscape the way someone with an open mind and schedule is going to be able to.

3. Be true to one's own deepest being when innovating and growing.

The key to long-lasting enjoyment and success in the art is to keep innovating but never lose your soul in the process.

4. How to be fulfilled?

I wish to simply live my life and share what I love with those I love.

You can link to Marc Adamus's website here.  Enjoy!

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