Saturday, November 26, 2011

Why a Camera in Every Hand is the Best Thing That's Happened

These days it seems everyone has a decent quality digital camera. If a person has a smart phone, it's not just a still camera, it's also a video camera. And that camera is better than what anyone could buy in 2005! High quality point-and-shoots are available for a couple of hundred dollars, and entry level single lens reflex digitals (called prosumer cameras by some) can be had for the cost of a set of tires for the average car.

Some assert that this is the worst thing that's happened to professional photography (or do they mean photographers?). Some say that the world is drowning in digital pictures. I disagree.

The more people take pictures, the more they appreciate what it takes to make a good one. And furthering an appreciation of photography as a technical craft and as an art form is a good thing.

Chase Jarvis offers an intelligent rebuttal to this lament in a recent blog posting. It's not a long article, so take a couple of minutes and check it out.

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