Thursday, December 22, 2011

Printers, Papers and Profiles

There's as much to learn artistically and technically about the output end of imaging as there is to learn about taking a decent picture with a camera.  That's probably why so many commercial and portrait photographers outsource their printing to specialists. 

As one who prefers to retain full creative control over how my images get printed, I've tried to learn at least the fundamentals about printing digital images on ink jet printers.

There isn't one key to mastering printing.  There's a whole ring of keys neceessary to do the job right. But one of these keys is the paper profile.  More specifically, it's the paper profile matched to the printer being used.  And this is a big key for consistently satisfactory prints.

John Paul Caponigro recently posted a short introduction to this topic on his blog.  Link to it here.  And you'll find more links to follow if you want to plunge deeper into the subject.

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