Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 150 Update

Readers of this blog have seen occasional posts referencing an ongoing project of mine I have titled Project 150. The project name refers to the roughly 150 foot perimeter around my house from the front door, which encompasses the property boundaries and a few feet beyond. 

What I choose to photograph varies seasonally.  When trees and bushes are flowering, I might concentrate on the front yard where most of them grow.  Annuals, bulbs, and a few edible plants are in the back, and I've given them attention throughout their life cycles.  Various critters, including birds and frogs, have caught the notice of my camera from time to time. Representative samples of all of these subjects have appeared on this blog from week to week.

Last year we had a particularly cold month in January and I took a series of photographs of the ice that formed on the swimming pool and of the leaves trapped above and below the crystalline surface. There's no ice on the pool this year.  The month's been somewhat warmer than normal.  And this year we're circulating the water in the pool with an aerator and a filter pump because we stocked it last summer with gold fish, which are thriving. Continuous motion of the water, and warmer temperatures, have conspired against ice.

But the surface of the pool is not without interesting subjects to photograph.  Last fall we stretched a net across the pool's surface to catch the abundance of leaves that fall from overhanging limbs. The net admirably performs the task of leaf collector. It also protects the fish from predator birds that might be looking for an easy meal.  Additionally, the net seems to be an ideal surface for certain types of algae to grow throughout the winter, providing a snack for the fish when sunshine and warm daytime temperatures motivate them to feed.

Here are a few images from the pool's edge:

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