Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Waiting for Lightroom 4

Adobe has recently released a free beta version of Lightroom 4, for downloading and free use until the new version is ready for market.  In the past, I've downloaded the beta versions that Lightroom makes available, but this time I've decided to sit it out and wait to upgrade to the final product once it becomes available

This is my reason.  I have a catalog of around 75 000 images (most of them are junk, but I can't bring myself to delete).  The beta version doesn't integrate with my full catalog.  It lets me import images into the beta, but it operates like a paralled universe.  This is the way it should be for beta versions.  If there's a bug in the new beta version, we don't want it messing up what's been working well.  But I'm so excited about the new features in Lightroom 4, I know that I won't want to go back to version 3 once I've installed version 4. 

So I'm waiting.

This doesn't stop me from following the fantastic videos about Lightroom 4 that are coming out of Adobe.  John Paul Caponigro has been posting them on his blog, and they're professionally produced and highly informative.  In them, Julieanne Kost demonstrates various features in each of the new Lightroom 4 modules. I'm especially excited about the new Book Module that will give us a way to layout and modify entire books instantly formatted for pdf or Blurb publication.

I keep up with Lightroom 4 developments by logging into Caponigro's blog each day

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