Monday, February 27, 2012

How to Pre-Emptively Prevent a Police Intervention

Increasingly, vigilant citizens are reporting photographers as suspicious characters, and the police become involved.  They have to respond to every 911 call.  Such a response can disrupt a photo shoot, and worse, can completely ruin one's day. 

In a recent posting, David Hobby provides practical advice to anyone who might be mistaken as a terrorist while making a photograph.  And that can be anyone of us.  What we photograph is irrelevant. David was stopped while photographing a tree.

Shooting at night or other odd times of day, around water ways or railroad tracks, near commercial sites or public buildings, or pointing at the sky or ground can look suspicious.  In other words, just having a camera and using it can provoke an overzealous citizen to make a call to the police.

But there are straightforward and sensible ways to minimize these false alarms and disruptions.  Read David Hobby's suggestions here.

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