Monday, February 20, 2012

PocketWizard Plus III

I do a lot of multi-flash work.  In particular, I love shooting portraits and I love indoor architectural shots.  My go-to remote trigger set up has been a set of four Elinchrom Skyport flash triggers and a transmitter.  I had considered, seriously, the PocketWizard, but went for price savings without  sacrificing reliability. The Elinchrom Skyport doesn't have the range of the PocketWizard, but I figured I didn't need a 1000 foot reach.  Till now, I've been content with this setup.

That is, until today.  Two blogs I check into each day both simultaneously announced and praised the new PocketWizard Plus III.  For me, this could be a game changer, since PW has not only enhanced their product, they also dropped the price.  I'll be looking to get a few of these once they hit the street and I'm convinced the bugs are out of them.

Read more about this at FStoppers and Strobist.

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