Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lighroom 4.0 Now Available ... Price Slashed

Adobe just announced that Lightroom 4.0 is now available.  Amazon and B&H have it available for preorder, shipping as soon as their inventory arrives.

What is notable is that the product is offered at half the price of previous editions.  The package is retailing for $150, with upgrades from version 3 selling for $80.

Lightroom has been an integral and increasingly indispensable part of my digital workflow ever since version 1 rolled out.  I consider it irreplacable for both managing my files and completing non-destructive image editing (officially called Parametric Image Editing, PIE for short).  The new enhancements in this latest edition will let me do even more to my images without needing to import to Photoshop.

Learn more about the product, and get links for preordering, here.

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