Friday, April 13, 2012

What's happened to creative control ... part 2

Constraints liberate creativity.  We see it in all art forms, from the structure of the sonnet in poetry, to the harmonics of Gregorian chants, to the limited pigments and materials of the Renaissance masters.

This has also been true in photography.  Lens characteristics, emulsion speed, even the size of the camera have placed constraints on photographers that have fostered iconic masterpieces.

Creativity results from a collaboration between the artist and the constraints imposed by the materials the artists uses.  Removing constraints doesn't necessarily result in more inspiration, better art, or a felling of increased creative control. This is the conundrum of digital photography.

Indian photographer Makesh Venkitachiaiam talks about slide film, the digital revolution, and his own creative experience in this context. "... I have been thinking about what exactly happened in the switch from Slides to Digital.  I have realized that what I have lost in the transition is a discipline, and what I have gained in the process is confusion."  Link to his entire posting here

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