Monday, May 21, 2012

A walk in the garden

I recently paid another visit to the Atlanta Botanical Garden.  We have a right to enjoy unlimited visits with our family membership, and we have a discounted prepaid parking pass.  What's not to like?

The air was dry and relatively cool for an Atlanta day in May.  More importantly, since it was mid-week, there were few people getting in the way of my shots.

There's always something in bloom there.  Even in the dead of winter, there's something to photograph in the orchid building.  The day I visited, the hydrangeas were drop-dead beautiful.

But everyone takes pictures of flowers, don't they?  And it's hard for a perfect flower not to look beautiful.  So I turned my attention to other things.

Like the light filtering through the leaves ....

And the bark on an interesting clump of trees ....

And a little girl who had dressed up for her own photo shoot at the garden ....

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