Monday, July 23, 2012

Monochrome vs. Monochrome

Sometimes I look at my pictures so long and hard I can't make any more decisions about them. I get stuck. And setting them aside for a while doesn't seem to help.

Case in point:  I took a photograph of a potted palm on my front porch.  The leaves are green and the background is grey.  It can be called monochromatic in green.

I'm happy with the arrangement of the leaves.  The composition is balanced. Eyes have a place to rest on the left and right sides.  Vertical offsets horizontal. The image captures what I was seeing.

I then figured, since the image is monochromatic anyway, why not convert it to sepia.

That's where my problems began.  Usually, when I convert a color image into B&W, one is clearly better than the other.  Not so in this case.  I like them both, equally.  The green image is cooler, but the sepia image is more about tone and line, in my opinion.

Maybe I should make a diptych with both images and evade the choice.

Any suggestions?  Post a comment.

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