Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sony RX1 ... What were they thinking?

I'm unapologetic for writing from my own selfish perspective.  I'm sure it excites a lot of people to hear that there's finally a full frame mirrorless camera on the market.  And with the technical know-how of Sony, what could be wrong with this?

I'll tell you this:  It's wrong for me.  With an assortment of Voigtlander m-mount lenses, I want a full frame mirrorless camera on which to use them.  My Sony NEX-7 takes them with an adapter, and I love using the combination.  Was it really so hard to engineer a full frame mirrorless camera that could do the same thing?  The RX1 comes with a non-interchangeable prime lens.  I don't care how good the lens is.  I don't want a one-lens full frame mirrorless kit.

That's one reason the RX1 is not right for me.  Another reason is the price.  With a MSRP of almost $2800, it's way out of the price range for me to consider.  With the non-interchangeable lens, I consider this a juiced up point and shoot camera with a full frame sensor.  The price is about $1500 more than I think it's worth.

Does anyone else agree with me?

For a somewhat different response to the release of this camera, see what Steve Huff said about the RX1.

Updated Friday, September 14 ...
In my haste to post my reaction to the announcement of this camera, I neglected to mention that the camera lacks any kind of viewfinder.  One will be able to purchase (WTF!) an optional electronic viewfinder or an optional optical viewfinder.  The only place I can image they would go would be on the hot shoe, rendering it "occupied and unavailable" if one prefers to do eye level shooting. 

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