Saturday, August 20, 2011

David duChemin on What Matters in Photography

I've been following the slow recovery of David duChemin following his catastrophic accident in Italy last spring. I check his blog daily. His is the only twitter (or is it tweet) I allow on my smart phone. The guy is one of the most talented photographers and authors I've encountered.  He's also someone who has a way of putting things in perspective.

On a recent blog posting, David talks about his time in rehab learning to walk again.

I find myself wishing we all, including myself, approached photography, maybe life even, with as much grace [as the people David has met in rehab]; wishing we could find a place where there were no comparisons, no gear addictions. Where nothing matters but the people and the photographs, where we cheer each other on in their victories and encourage them in their struggles. Where the gear is nothing but a prosthetic limb we endure as much as it accomplishes its purpose. Where comparisons and bragging and all the ego-drivel is irrelevant and seen for what it is – wasted energy that might otherwise be spent on making art. Can you imagine the art we might make if we were more concerned about being ourselves and doing the work we alone have been given, if we showed up and just made photographs, day after day, without regard for the brand names on our cameras or who said what about our photographs on Flickr or 500px?

Some day I hope I have the opportunity to personally thank David for what he brings to my world.

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