Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Prime Lenses ... One More Perspective on the Subject

Readers of this blog might be aware that I've written several entries on the topic of prime lenses vs. zoom lenses.  An article by Tomer Jacobson in the blog DIY Photography adds some more perspective on the subject ... literally. 

Jacobson's article is titled, What's Yours Prime Perspective?  He gives a brief and informative review of what perspective means in two dimensional images, and how the lens we select can affect this.

Prime lenses force us to change the distance between the subject and the camera.  To alter how much the subject fills the frame, we move in closer or out farther.  The perspective changes when we do so.  Zoom lenses also let us change how much the subject fills the frame, but the perspective does not change when we don't use our feet.  In Tomer's words,  "The distance between the camera and the subject has a tremendous impact on the illusion of depth. The closer the camera is to the subject the illusion of depth becomes more apparent, the further away the camera is from the subject the 'flatter' the image would be."

Read Tomer Jacobson's article in its entirety, and study the pictures he posts to illustrate his point. Controlling the illusion of depth is one more advantage prime lenses have over zooms. Zooms make us lazy.  Primes force us to walk.

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