Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Blank Stare

I recently urged a friend to start blogging the e-mails he periodically sends out to fellow photographers who attend monthly meetings at the New Hampshire Art Association.  His name is Linwood Wickett and he has the kind of humor that's come to be associated with native born residents of the state of Maine.  I think it's called Yankee Humor. Lin is self-effacing and master of the understatement.

Lin's response to my suggestion was, "What's a blog?" Now, this guy is no fool.  He surfs the internet for what he calls "bahgins" and knows how to put out e-mails to groups.  Plus, he's a retired airline pilot who once crash landed a fighter jet on a sandy beach.  He just likes to be considered unsophisticated and new to the ways of the world.  And he enjoys pulling other people's legs.

Check out his first blog posting here.  And if you look closely, at the bottom, you'll see who helped him get the blog started.

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